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Chaos Of Forms (Deluxe Edition)

by Revocation



Revocation returns with a new album of masterful modern metal in Chaos of Forms. Unforgettable songs bend, stop, twist, and shred at virtuosic levels while exploding with frenetic energy. As future classics “Cradle Robber”, “Dissolution Ritual”, “No Funeral”, “Cretin” and more show, each aspect of the band has been honed to deadly perfection and brings to fruition the promise that (the previous full-length) Existence Is Futile hinted at. Chaos of Forms proves beyond doubt that REVOCATION are masters of their craft and metal’s finest new band.

***Includes Digital Booklet***


released August 16, 2011

Relapse Records



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Revocation Boston, Massachusetts

Rarely does a band step to the forefront of a genre with such purpose and confidence. Revocation have moved from relative obscurity to international critical acclaim as one of the brightest hopes for metal. Unforgettable songs bend, stop, twist, and shred at virtuosic levels while exploding with frenetic energy. The members of Revocation are masters of their craft and metal’s finest new band. ... more


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Track Name: Cretin
(Music and Lyrics: Davidson) Hail the freak! The king of the creep show Abhorred and adored A creature so intriguing The crowd keeps wanting more and more So come on Give ‘em a show Step right up to the pedestal of mockery They want to see this miscreant of misery Chained and caged Never to see the light of day Driven insane Malformed and deranged Onlookers gawk and laugh They feed him discarded scraps Lashed by the master’s whip Perpetual punishment Covered with open sores Curse the day that he was born No creature’s as freakish as he His deformity reigns supreme
Solo: Dave
Tomorrow the freak awakes upon a brand new stage He knows there is only one way to escape The crowd is horrified as he takes his own life The grand finale ended with a suicide
Track Name: Cradle Robber
(Music and Lyrics: Davidson)

My name is Death You’ll come to know me well I’ll steal your soul Then leave a lifeless shell I creep into your room But your soul’s not what I crave Tonight I’ll take your only child to an early grave. Your time passes with every falling grain of sand The hourglass has emptied, the end is at hand By now you know my name, Death is who I am So come and follow me into unknown lands Mother don’t you cry to me The child is mine Don’t try to beg or plead Mother, your sorrow is so sweet This is your destiny You can’t bargain with me My deed here is done There’ll be no convincing I have no compassion Your cries go unanswered Your sadness matters not I will drain all life from you and leave your corpse to rot Solo: Dan Solo: Dave
See the gleam of my scythe Your spirit is my prize Lifeless eyes, your demise I laugh at your petty cries
Track Name: Harlot
(Music and Lyrics: Davidson) What depths will you sink too? It surprises me every day You fit the part so beautifully and deserve an award for the role you play You are sickening It's never ending the cycle stays the same Fractured facade Why put it on? We both know exactly what you are Saccharine scented skin Rotten from within Stench of putrefaction you wreak of vermin On your knees, Queen of Disease Enveloped in your misery, the epitome of disloyalty Fill the void with iniquity Blacked out, awakened by the shame Cast out, defiled and defamed You're a cesspool, lowest of the low You’re the starlet that everybody knows What's behind the harlot's smile? Is it denial? Lights out baby the show is fucking over Solo: Dave
Track Name: Dissolution Ritual
(Music: Davidson; Lyrics: Buda) I speak with corrupted tongue Whispered subtle deception Slither within and spit Verbal manipulation
I am the one that takes you My illicit concubine Victimize and incinerate you Intoxicant divine It’s time to start the show Introduce the hidden self Stricken to reveal the truth That sickens and repels Swallowing a sick addiction Serenade from a serpent’s tongue Authoring a fatal fiction Symbols dripping with venom. I am a conflagration Cleanse me through ritual burn Gradual assassination Drains me, squandering rebirth. Breathe deep the exhalation As bitter droplets singe Inhaling escalation Rapidly to be undone Solo: Dave

I can subvert this prison Elevate beyond my flesh Reprogram mental systems Continuum connect Infinite network access Invisible spectrums flow Throughout my subtle body All I am is what I know Rise, Release your mind, Never satisfied
Track Name: Conjuring the Cataclysm
(Music and Lyrics: Davidson)
Solo: Dan
Come my children I beckon unto thee I summon you to awaken from your eternal sleep Rise from your graves, slumber no more The time has come to spread your plague upon this world Awaken my children We spew forth from the spoiled earth To heed the master’s command Our wretched rebirth shall be a curse upon this land Through the blackest incantations we are summoned from our crypts We savor the suffering of mortals, their deaths shall not be swift
Solo: Dave Solo: Dan
Now the spell is complete, I am the ruler of this scourge Bow down at my feet, tremble before the necromancer Tremble before me We all are one We are legion The bringers of Decimation We are the legion spawned from the darkness We obey the master's command We are the legion born of malice We are the scourge upon this land
Track Name: No Funeral
Celebrate the intrepid carnivore Silent sanguine assassin Cornering the meeker, soon to be made prey Silver flash of the dagger Hail to misery enthroned Extol the deceptive, destructive and cold Strangled and suffocated By subconscious enslavement Ripping right into you Racing through to infinity Disassemble the absolute Integrate with vacuity Instigate a senseless transgression Insurrect and implode Surrender unto thankless destiny, Bloated cadaver floats Weighted with cement affixed Never changing direction No salvation for the penniless Futile insurrection Solo: Dave

All that I see Is naught but a dream I no longer know what is real Disintegrate and desecrate Give me no funeral
Track Name: Chaos of Forms
(Music: Davidson; Lyrics: Buda) Enveloped in entropy A swirling torrent of imagery An implanted contagion Wrenches my mind from its foothold in sanity I have become a victim Of a world fragmented and askew Vivid hallucinations Seep into all that I do Helpless I writhe Conduit of eyes Reaching into my mind Entities pry Discordant forms arise Ethereal sprites Imperial towers Luminescent shine Gaining in power Through gates I arrive Outside of space and time Endlessly changing Flashes of clarity lost in a whirlwind My sensory apparatus now blasted Stumbling I desperately cling to my consciousness Cacophonous visuals twisted and fractal Total liquefaction of my optic sense Flesh twisted into deformities grotesque Solo: Dave
Track Name: The Watchers
(Music: Davidson; Lyrics: Buda) Incantation Welcoming the Watchers Astral invasion A foulness beyond time Their hunger is insatiable Slaked only by annihilation Unrelenting In harvesting life energies Writhe and claw Dominate Ascend to a prominent dominion. A blaze transforms this tepid kingdom. Enslaved: encapsulated. Blackened spires twist Against malevolent sky Ghastly pyres Cleanse this earthly realm Insectoid chatter pulsating, churning, Cleaving continental rifts Howling victims Silenced amidst cacophony Linger in the vacancies of time No flesh stranger Fungal predator divine Servants Ancient Their intentions are malign Born to suffer the torment of the Watchers
Track Name: Beloved Horrifier
(Music and Lyrics: Davidson) Bring forth the end and awaken the beast For years it has waited to be unleashed The hour is nigh, summon it at once Mankind’s existence will soon to be undone Nuclear winter is on its way There’s no escape No one can be saved Witness the destroyer Beloved horrifier The harbinger of our demise Abomination we adore it Beautiful and so abhorrent The end has finally arrived The fallout from the blast Has blackened out the sun The ocean’s become a blood bath Cities destroyed in the blink of an eye The masses are reduced to ash Extinguished Existence Distorted Deliverance Destined for decimation Embrace obliteration Solo: Dave
Track Name: Dethroned
(Music and Lyrics: Davidson) The liar spoke so sweetly I believed every word She's the queen of deception How I bowed to her But now her crown is shattered and the pieces fall away Your throne's a fabrication, its time to fucking abdicate It's time to abdicate Do you start to believe your lies if you say them a thousand times? Does it start to eat you alive? Knowing that you’re empty inside How do you sleep at night? Low life no loyalty I never thought I'd see the day that you could delude me There will be no forgiveness no time to make amends One thing I can say for certain, I will never kneel before you again I'll never kneel again Solo: Dave
Track Name: Reprogrammed
(Music: Davidson; Lyrics: Buda) The masses stumble into waking dreams Embracing ambrosia, synthetic extremes Tethered to immersions that coerce control Serrated visions will sever the soul Innervating, recreating you
Solo: Dave
Reprogrammed The sky is dripping liquid death Creating corpses, bleeding black Caustic toxins flow into our mouths From rampant excesses under attack Riddled with corruption, glorified government Tricks its constituents, inverts intelligence Operant conditioning dictates what we say and think Glutted with mind control medicine, daily drink
Solo: Dave
Invade me, betray me, your lies recreate me Transforming and spawning servile replication Losing touch with what I’ve ceased to be I am just a servant now Inject me with your poison, I want to be reborn